About Raaf

Raaf wonders what your interior looks like, you as an interior enthusiast will undoubtedly have an attractive home. Shows it who you are? Have you arranged it in your own way? I'm curious. Let Raaf help you with your personal finishing touch. Do you think it is important to really feel at home and relax in a contemporary atmosphere? Who knows, maybe I can help you and give my Raaf cushion that little bit extra what you are looking for.

Trip along with Raaf

My name is Mirjam van den Dungen. I am a creative and emancipated woman. I know what I do and especially what I don't want. "Women can multitask" is always a nice statement. Especially since that doesn't apply to me. I always only do one thing at a time, but with the full attention and conviction that I think it deserves. I like people, like to think along, try not to judge, always rely on my own intuition. I like to try out, follow my path and see what appears on it. So change is also a nice feeling for me. I do not eat meat, to also contribute in this way to a better climate. In addition, I always maintain a positive attitude and continue my plans.


I have been an independent entrepreneur since 1998. In this way I can listen to myself and I can draw my own plans. I also had a home furnishings store for years. Here I found my love for colors, fabrics and styling. This background helps me to empathize with shopkeepers. In 2006 I started Raaf, this tough Dutch name I had come up with if I would have a son, I have two beautiful and creative daughters. (they both flew out in the meantime) So I could use the name Raaf for my company.
With Raaf I can use my creativity and my passion. May I continue to spread my view of interior and styling. Something like going on vacation is also great, but I always enjoy going home. I am at my best when I can spend a lot of my time on Raaf. So now you know who I am, but who are you? I share my passion with you, but what is your passion? Throw it on the table and show yourself.


The Raaf cushions have been designed with love in the Netherlands and handmade in Europe since 2006. They are made from rich and exclusive furniture fabrics. My goal is to create the most beautiful pillows, so that you can make as many choices as possible. So much choice that you can always rely on your own feeling and choose the cushion that suits you exactly. Maybe you will get inspired so that you will consciously or unconsciously make a crazy choice. What is perfect for you and what your feelings say are often close together. Travel with me through the choices in colors, designs and all the atmospheres you can create from it.


I buy the upholstery fabrics directly from weaving mills at textile fairs in Italy, Belgium and Germany. I also get inspired by visiting interior fairs in the Netherlands and other countries. The rolls of fabric are sent directly from the weaving mills to the workshop where the fabrics are made into cushion covers. The unique cushion covers (and cushion fillings) are stored in the warehouse in 's-Hertogenbosch in the Netherlands and are shipped immediately after ordering. Fillings and covers are offered separately, so if you still have a pillow filling in the house of the correct size, you only have to purchase the cover.The entire design and product process of the Raaf cushions takes the environment into account. The fillings are made from recycled down and duck feathers. Shipping costs within the Netherlands are free. From an environmental point of view, any return shipping costs will not be reimbursed.


Raaf was born out of passion and Raaf also shares your passion. The passion for fabrics, colors, art, design, but especially the passion for atmosphere. It is surprising how much a small adjustment within the interior can make the right change. Raaf cushions ensure that you can see what suits you in your own home. At Raaf we want you to follow your heart, as we do. We want you to listen to your feelings and then we ensure that you can choose the perfect design for you. Be creative. Be yourself.


Before you make something "your own", this first involves making your own choices. By letting yourself be guided by individuality, you are the boss. So it is always accompanied by a certain stubbornness. At Raaf we choose to be stubborn. Sometimes that one crazy choice is exactly what you're looking for, it doesn't always have to be safe. We rely on ourselves, but also on you. Also trust your own intuition and follow your own path. Listen to what you want and don't let anyone confuse you. Only you really make your interior your home.


Let us know what your wishes are and what your feelings say. What kind of atmosphere do you want to create and what does your interior look like? A product is only of real value if it adds exactly what you are looking for and feel. Visit one of the Raaf dealers or send an email with a photo of your interior Raaf makes time for you.



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